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About Us
       Taizhou yong xin metal co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in the development of product design, mold design, precision injection molding, assembly, painting, printing, anodic oxidation and machining. Since founded in 2007, has focused on the development and application of engineering plastic parts, electrical home appliances products company, the founder of the team have nine years of professional and practical experience, especially good at high temperature of special engineering plastics mold design and development, is a south Korean LG company taizhou factory level of suppliers.
      Yong xin company is committed to become a highly innovative and production capacity of professional companies. We can provide customers with "one-stop" of form a complete set of full service, our products and services include: product plan evaluation and process design and products manufacturing and quality assurance. For the different needs of customers, yong xin company will try to provide the most suitable for professional solutions.
        Company users' comments and feedback is considered an important information and an opportunity to improve the quality of their products, focusing on the special plastic, household appliances, anodic oxidation, steel distribution, health care and food and other characteristics of the core market demand, the international most advanced production technology, production equipment and quality management combined with a daily production requirements, for the development and production of products and services to continuously improve and improve.